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You’re here to see pretty pixels, so I won’t let some quippy words get in your way. Wanna learn about me, the freelance interactive designer you see illustrated up there? Check out my bio down below.



Creativity and problem solving join forces in UI/UX glory


Doodles, hand-lettering, infographics and whimsical characters


Distinct identities for products, brands and campaigns


Oh, Snap!

Storyboarding, prop selection and styling 



My eye for design started when I was five or so. Ask my childhood friends, and they’ll tell you about my giant band-aid collection. I loved all the different colors, shapes and textures, and how each one had its own personality and purpose.


Let’s face it. Some situations call for glitter, while others call for Disney princesses. But really, the last thing I wanted to do was actually use them. I much preferred ogling them and showing them off.


Nowadays, I’m less about the band-aids (phew), and more into creating stuff that sticks with people. Websites, illustrations, icons, display ads, social graphics, video storyboards, UX wireframes, quirky doodles – I live for design. When done right, it builds brands. It can turn tears into smiles. It can make people giggle. And, it can convince a shopper to buy.

So. What else to know about me?


I have 3 fur-babes! Meet the bunnies: Finnigan and Quigley O’Hare. They're working on their Insta-fame along with their pup-sister Tasmania. 


My love for all things Star Wars and Marvel extends far, far beyond the galaxy.


My idea of a fun time is an eight-hour board game marathon.


I love creating family portraits, like these, and illustrating foods

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